Monday, 25 January 2010

Artist Profile: Ed Wiffen

Ed Wiffen

Permanent working location:

Working practice:
My work develops, trying to materialise sculpture through performance. Fluctuating between a morose interest in apocalypse, transcendence, and a culture grown from hollywood and materiality my work attempts to straddle these subjects without any singular process of making. In recent work I have used composite photography, costume making, video, performance and usually lots of soil and organic matter.

Mill24 Exhibition:
My proposed performance is based on the process of enculturation, when we develop our behaviour based on social conforms. This process has always had a bastardised appearance in literature and films with the image of the 'feral child' constantly re-occurring. The feral child's behaviour has developed either in solitude or around a matriarchal animal, traditionally a wolf or gazelle. My performance for Mill24 will demonstrate the introduction of a feral being into a representation of British society through material possessions and artefacts.

Mill24 exhibition Date:
Saturday 24th April 2010

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Curriculem Vitae:
Basement Exhibition, Sophies Basement, 2008
A Lot Seems to Occur (We do anything), Triangle Shopping centre Manchester, 2009
Free For Arts Festival, AMC Cinema, 2009, (Joint project with Lois Macdonald)
The End is NEAR, EASA HQ, Manchester, 29th January 2010