Sunday, 14 February 2010

Artist Profile: Max Prus (working with artists Alex Misick and James Wright)


Max Prus

Permanent working location:
Glasgow, Scotland

Working practice:
Egomania: clichés, gimmicks and jokes
A picture paints a thousand words. It was never my intention to be an artist and I'm not a real artist, I'm an actor and a human. Inner fictions construct realities. I'm the best and I'm the worst. I am deadly serious. I find it difficult to distinguish between humour and tragedy. My enjoyment of comedy has always been intimately connected with the downside of the human condition. I am gluttonous, obsessive and bored which might be why I am occasionally mistaken for an artist. Sometimes I enjoy participating in this megalomanic game. I’m there for a journey, not for the end result.

Mill24 Exhibition:

A chicken, a chicken, my kingdom for a chicken. Work from Glasgow based artists, exploring the human condition through the agony of contemporary poultry in a grave attempt to pioneer a neo-daft movement. Chicken Licken explaining omelets to a dead hare.

Mill24 exhibition Date:

Saturday 24th April 2010

Curriculem Vitae:

Shylock, Kentucky Biennale, 2005

Elbow, Eggington Gallery of Modern Art, Derbyshire, 2008
Juliet, Chiquitos Night Club Lounge Room, Leicester Square, London, 2009

49 West Princes, Glasgow International


(i) michael angelo barrymore, 2007

(ii) cosmic balls, 2009

(iii) Max Pruss in ambulance en route to Columbia Presbyterain Hospital, May 7th, 1937