Friday, 5 February 2010

Artist Profile: MUTT-tv


Alexander Wilson and Robin Reeder


Permanent Working Location:

London, UK

General Working Practice:

MUTT-tv is a collaborative between artists Alexander Wilson/Dilson and Robin Reeder. The work produced satirically explores form and function within mass media culture and contemporary art, appropriating techniques and format bringing both closer together. Through the use of animation, video, sound and performance the work aims to anchor the art ‘brand’ of MUTT-tv offering an experience of art entertainment juxtaposed to the bourgeois dominated art world.

Mill24 Exhibition:

MUTT-tv presents Wrestlemania 1 – sculpture and video 7mins approx (looped)

MUTT-tv presents ‘Wrestlemania 1’ is an altered documentation of a performance, (originally took place in Trinity Buoy Wharf 17th Feb 2010) in which a chair is subject to a wrestling match in a homebuilt-wrestling ring. Touching on the ideas of the ‘readymade’, the chair is extravagantly wrestled mimicking the theatrics of a modern wrestling match anchored by the editing process, yet also wrestles with the objects complexities of its form and function. The wrestled chair also stands in the space encased within the homemade ropes of which it was fought as a byproduct of the performance.

Mill24 Exhibition Date, Mill Location & Time:

Sunday 25th April 2010 | Gallery | 01:00-02:00