Friday, 5 February 2010

Artist Profile: Daniel Andersson


Daniel Andersson

Permanent working location:
Stockholm, Sweden

Working practice:
My work revolves around the lack of cultural capital in the working class and on the countryside, where I grew up. The esthetic ideals and artistic processes that exist but are not to be defined. I work in different medias and strives to always do everything on my own.

Mill24 Exhibition:
Painted Black 01:45 min 2005, DVD
To paint the whole body black in a dark room is a disguise, the ability to adjust to the environment and become one with the room and the work of art, or just disappearing. The artist that paints himself away.

Mill24 exhibition Date:

Saturday 24th April 2010

Curriculem Vitae:
2010 Horse Power Skövde art museum, Sweden.
2010 Växjö art museum, Sweden 2010.
2009 Open Art Örebro art museum, Sweden.
2009 Liljevalchs Spring Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden.
2008 Växelverkan Växjö artmuseum, Sweden.

Nemesis Divina 2007