Saturday, 13 February 2010

Artist Profile: Paul Hallows



Permanent working location:

Working practice:
Until recently, the primary outlet for my illustration had been through gig posters, this work has now lead to more interesting and varied Illustration opportunities. The core remains the same however, I am still a pencil and ink artist, using cell animation techniques (acrylic on the reverse of acetate photocopies) to colour any images I create. The images themselves come from small ideas that evolve and grow into full illustrations, usually on a subject or thought of my own fancy, but ones I rarely try to rationalise or question.

Mill24 Exhibition:
I intend to use my space to create an immersive illustrated scene in which the viewer can step into a sketch and observe the painting 'Portland Street'. The painting is hyper-realist, the 2D characters around the viewer will not be. The painting itself was a personal project that I have never before put on public display.

Mill24 exhibition Date:

Saturday 24th April 2010


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Curriculem Vitae:
Fly Posters will Be Prosecuted' - Kraak Gallery - January 2010
One off Halloween mural - An Outlet - October 2009