Saturday, 13 February 2010

Artist Profile: James Moffat



Permanent working location:
Manchester, UK

Working practice:
For a number of years my main area of practice was painting, I now employ the same methods I used for painting to create sound works & films, using layers of sounds or images in a similar way to the application of paint to my canvas. I focus mostly on manipulating electric guitar through effects pedals & different playing techniques to create soundscapes & drones influenced by the works of minimalist composers such as La Monte Young & Steve Reich as well as musicians such as Dylan Carlson & Wolfgang Voigt.

Mill24 Exhibition:
The piece is made by generating sound waves from oscillators oscillating at frequencies relative to the frequencies of brain waves during certain activities and stages in a person's sleep cycle, the low oscillations and pulses phase in and out of time with one another to create new sounds and tones for the audience to hear and / or the perform to play along with.

Mill24 exhibition Date:

Saturday 24th April 2010


Contact email:

Curriculem Vitae:
February 2010 Sydney Street Picture Box, Sand Bar, Manchester
March 2010, Test, Moonfish, Manchester
2009 Interactive Invasions, Moonfish, Manchester - "In the Garden of Forking Paths" film
2009 The Tavern, Wigan - cygnusss performance with projections (Untitled film)
2009 Free for Arts, The Mint Lounge, Manchester - cygnusss performance with projections ("In the Garden of Forking Paths" film)

(i) still from film of performance "Collant"
(ii) still from "In the Garden of Forking Paths"
(iii-iv) images of cygnusss performances