Saturday, 13 February 2010

Artist Profile: James Nicholas


Jammie Nicholas

Permanent working location:

London, UK

General Working practice:

My practice is involved in the exploration of specific processes or concepts, which manifest themselves in process performances, residue sculptures, research documents and seminars and constructed audience participations. These component works either coexist or are built from one another and exist under umbrella titles, for example ChewChewChewChowder (2008), Taking the piss : Potlatch (2009), Turf Transportation / The Death of Grass (2009) and Curiosity Castrated the Cat (2009 - ongoing). Throughout all these projects the concepts of potlatch and polyphony are present as underlying notions informing my creative process.

Mill24 Exhibition:

Seminar : Let's All Sacrifice Marilyn Monroe / The Tetris Analogy : Curiosity Castrated the Cat (2009 - ongoing)

A drawn seminar that explores the research and histories that surrounds Curiosity Castrated the Cat (2009 - ongoing) which is an umbrella project which is concerned with the notion of multiples and their repetitive differences, the possibility of a multitude of varying outcomes from the same input components and the concern of destruction and sacrifice. These notions come from the concepts of potlatch and polyphony when appropriated as creative processes. In this drawn seminar a number of analogies will be presented that illustrate the projects concerns.

Mill24 Exhibition Date, Mill Location & Time:

Saturday 24th April 2010 | Gallery | 21:00-22:00


Contact Email:

Curriculum Vitae:

CHATEAU D'IF / Group Show / SHOREDITCH TOWN HALL / Shoreditch UK (November 2009)

PORTAL / Group Show / JEFF COOMBS PROJECTS / Manchester UK (October 2009)

NEW WORD FOR MODERN 0.01 / Group Show / PING PONG / Berlin GER (August 2009)