Thursday, 18 February 2010

Artist Profile: Edwyn Butler


Edwyn Butler

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General working practice:

Edwyn Butler is a performance artist that likes to play with character, usually focusing on the aspects of social discourse that could be awkward. Provoking situations- usually with odd, often humourous scenarious- (ie a drag queen Edwina Ukulady) playing the ukulele in a lift, draws all those points together, in recent times he has persued a musical path but not in conventional ways, he played piano at nexus and stunned people with his passion and sheer brutality mixed with fragility and beauty also All Fm 96.9 said Edwyn Butlers voice is stunning Blank Media said, a challenging performance, which surprised a lot of people with his raw emotion. (paraphrased may need to check that)

Mill24 exhibition:

Inventions gallore, inspired by Jean Tinguely, Blue Man Group,Christian Marclay and most importantly Wallace and Gromit. My work will focus on the percussive nature of a record, the vinyl player will play a key role, but it shall power a machine that plays a harp, basically trying to make beauty out of chaos, looping records live and singing words that have either been pre determined by the music or made with out any influence, there will be home made instruments, and mechanics will be used alot.


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Curriculem Vitae:

Free For Arts Festival / Paradox Regular poetry and performance night / Neck of The Woods at Nexus Art Café / Event at Eurocultured possibly / David Bowie the Musical in May / Paradox, Curation at Trof , regular