Wednesday, 17 February 2010



Marbel Kunster

Permanent working location:


general working practice:

We carve little moons out of old bits of can and sell them at Metrolink stations.

Mill24 exhibition:

For this exhibition, we will be devising an important new art experience known as 'Marble Butter'. The work will take the form of a full confrontation between audience and artist, through the medium of butter (thrown and smeared).

Mill24 exhibition date:

Saturday 24th April 2010


Curriculem Vitae:
1. House party, Chorlton- we were featured in this exhibition designed
to resemble a house party taking place between young twentysomethings
in the fictional Manchester borough of 'Chorlton'. We played the part
of a band playing at the house party.

2. EFF TEE ELL, Fuel- EFF TEE ELL is a mock-up 'club night' that takes
place in the upstairs room at Withington's Fuel gallery. For this
exhibition, we contributed 'Mummy I Can't Run Away No More', a statue
of an Afghanistani boy with a club foot made of salt.

3. Supporting John Maus, Trof Northern Quarter- this installation took
the form of a twenty three foot across banner draped around the
upstairs bar of the Trof Northern Quarter in support of acclaimed
funkster John Maus, who was playing there later that night.

4. Marble Moon- This will be the logical conclusion of our tin moon
works, which will involve renting a field out in Wiltshire in order to
construct a full-scale replica of (possibly Earth's Moon, possibly a
smaller moon that revolves around something else, depending on
logistics) that will then be blasted into space