Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Artist Profile: Daniel Staincliffe


Daniel Staincliffe

Permanent working location:


General working practice:

Conceptual and aleatoric methodologies are employed in order to abdicate some degree of conscious control over the products of my creative practise.

Collections of squirrel footprints, salvaged media and dialogue with Shanghainese passers-by are all examples of my interest in the chance encounter, and call for a re-examination of the known.

Mill24 exhibition:

For Mill24 I will exhibit a sound installation made from found audio from my project.

Magnetic cassette tape is usually found uncoiled and tangled in weeds or roadside bushes. After carefully collecting these long sparkling strips of obsolete media they can be re-connected to discover the sounds they hold. Chinese pop songs and techno music are some of the examples of content that is audible beneath the warped crackles of an analogue media eroded by the elements.

Mill24 exhibition date:

Saturday 24th April 2010


Curriculem Vitae:

An urban ecology of chance, easaUK, Manchester, October 2009
Expo Leeds, Leeds Town Hall, September 2009
Trade City, CHIPS Building, Manchester, July 2009

Blind Men Feel Elephants, Prussian Projekte, Nottingham, April 2010
Save Us, Macclesfield Barnaby Festival, June 2010

Encounters with wild birds of Beijing, Confucius Institute at UoM installation view, 2009.

Monday 28th April 2009, easaUK, photo credit: Nick Prideaux, 2009.

Qing bang wo: A chance meeting at an intersection of the lines that cross my tourist map, easaUK photo credit: Nick Prideaux, 2009.

A bolt through a roadside verge, Jinshun Lu, photo credit: Kate Royle, 2009.