Sunday, 14 February 2010

Artist Profile: James Wright (working with artists Alex Misick and Max Prus)


James Wright

Permanent working location:
Glasgow, Scotland

Working practice:
My interest is mainly focused on the human condition, humour and the chaotic this is mainly portrayed through drawing, performance and video work. A reoccurring theme in my work is props and costumes, which I use to portray characters, which are created by disrupting the mundane ever so slightly to create the absurd and the extraordinary. I have been focusing recently more on collaborations with other artists such as Richard McMaster, Vickie McDonald, James William Farlam, the bands Ultimate Thrush and Divorce. Thus creating a much broader range of work such as making music videos and animation.

Mill24 Exhibition:

Turdus Pilomelos, performance with Ultimate Thrush. Part of A chicken, a chicken, my kingdom for a chicken.

Mill24 exhibition Date:

Saturday 24th April 2010

Curriculem Vitae:

Christmas Drawing Competition, The Bachelor's Arms, Chickton Mallet, Sommerset, 2006

Chicuro, India Arts Festival, 2009