Thursday, 18 February 2010

Artist Profile: Natasja Loutchko


Natasja Loutchko

Permanent working location:

1983 Born in Stockholm, Sweden. Lives and works in Stockholm.

General working practice:

I am interested in questions about social strategies, construction of

identity and architecture and spaces. My interest for architecture is

for what it constructs or what it counsels. In what kind of way you

can use spaces and visual images for exploring navigation, negations.

My work explores the relationship between otherness, loneliness and

alienation. It also reflects on society and social context, trough my

own personal history as well as the public.

Mill24 exhibition:

The work explores relationships between architectural and

psychological space in two different kinds of ways. The image is never

the truth but it can tell us something about the structure of it, get

us closer to it. These videos are using storytelling trough visual

context. They are simply reflections of two social strategies and

situation. The both videos are working with the image of power somehow.


Contact email:

Curriculem Vitae:

2010 Postcard Magazin, Berlin April

2010 Dalej Magazin, Publication Berlin Januari

2009 Sleep 20080828 Götgatan 78 Skrapan Stockholm Separat screening

28 Augusti


(i) Marilyn say Hi/ Video 2007 Loop 10.00

(ii) SLEEP 2009.08.28 Screening in Skrapan 78 Sthlm

It was taking place 2009.08.28 between 22.00-06.00

8hour live, 5 hour documentation.

(iii) Try again Video 03:32 2009

(iv) THE WHITE BOUNDLESS ROOM Installation 2009

Wood, door, paint, plug.