Thursday, 25 February 2010

Artist Profile: Tom Watson

Tom Watson


general working practice:

I am interested in the inherent contradiction objects contain, in that the object can provide cues and a means to reflect, remember and affirm our ability to effect and shape our environment, as well as become the embodiment of the death of our own initiative or our means of forming a relation to this environment and the man made things which inhabit it.

Mill 24 exhibition:

I propose to stage my endurance piece Vodka Sauna. The work consists of a tent structure, a charcoal burner, lava rocks, vodka and wood. The tent itself is reconstituted from the materials that previously comprised a divan bed base, which i found in my cellar. I felt like I could work with the bed base as there was nothing special about it, this freed up space for re-imagining what to produce. The endurance aspect of my proposal requires the use of energy contained in the leftover wood, released through burning, to heat lava rocks, and then in turn to pour vodka on the rocks to create vapour that i will inhale. The piece will last as long as there is wood to burn.


Past exhibitions:

Swap/Vahito - Cable Factory (Helsinki, Finland) & Bureau (Manchester, 2008)
Vernacular Diamonds - in ANTIFREEZE as part of Manchester International Festival (Manchester, 2009)

Print shop as part of Holbeck Pavillion at Artist House (Leeds, 2007)

1.Vodka Sauna (2010)(Height-1.9m Depth-1.4m Width-1.3m)
2.Vernacular Diamonds (2009)
- Kiosk set up at ANTIFREEZE. Detailing map of car crime in UK locations of other exhibiting artists, Exchange rate of - Vernacular diamonds : my technical help, Scales and briefcase containing Vernacular Diamonds
3.Print Shop (2007)- The unit in Holbeck south Leeds edging onto rows of back to back housing
4.Print Shop (2007)- Clothing displayed before leading up to the transformative process (left to right)
5.Print Shop (2007)- Letter set cut from the soles of knee high boots