Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Artist Profile: Chloe Roberts


Chloe Roberts

Permanent working location:


General Working practice:

My work incorporates a wide range of media with a particular interest in both the semiotics and visual quality of cloth; the domestic and interior space are explored through the use of these mediums. Experimentation with performance, installation, video and printmaking has enabled the development of these themes. The making process is involved with constructing and manipulating objects and materials. This positions my practice within the context of surrealism and the uncanny.


The work which I propose to exhibit in Mill24 is one installation which will occupy three different spaces in the Mill at three different times. I will construct one large cube that will contain two chairs and one dining room table that the viewer can walk around. The construction will force the involvement of the viewer whilst also distancing him/her from the space within the cube. The still and stagnant boxed area contrasts with the transient qualities of the Mill.

The cube will be constructed from thick quilted cotton. This will create a very separate, silenced space within the cube and relate to the Mills history of being a cotton mill with particular reference, though the material, to the domestic and feminine. The cloth acts as a barrier between the domestic and industrial and again relates to the history of the workers. The viewer can only glimpse the domestic scene though the open seems of the cube enhancing the distance and a lack of engagement whilst also demanding intimacy.


future exhibitions:

University of Chester Fine Art and photography Degree Exhibition.

Cloth, (2010) material and photography