Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Artist Profile: Estelle Woolley

Name: Estelle Woolley

Location: Cheshire (UK)

Working practice:
I have a deep-rooted affinity with the countryside and its resources, in part informed by my family’s long association with farming. My work is directly involved with nature and our interactions, experiences and interventions with it. I work with tactile objects, collected and sourced for their delicate forms and metaphorical potential. Used in certain combinations or repetitions these materials may start to pose intrinsic questions about human and animal nature, and the way we operate. I have an interest in the way that we work with or against nature, at the domestic level, and beyond.

My current practice deals with the sculptural readymade and installation. Through a minimal use of materials I explore possible narratives and depths of meaning. In my work I hope to convey a sense of mystery and disturbance, of evocation and sensation, while always highlighting the beauty inherent in the forms used.

Mill24 Exhibition:

In a continuing engagement with fragile and natural materials I propose to, through the process of removal, intervention, and re-intervention, enable the viewer to reflect upon their relationship with everyday objects and the importance of context.

Through the exploration of site-specificity, I wish to develop new works in direct relation to the materials and expectations already present, albeit subtly altered.

The male ground floor toilet sink area and a small section of the immediate corridor will enable me to develop the concerns stated above in relation to my current practice.

These works will aim to question our relationship to nature and life’s delicate happenings.

Mill24 exhibition Date:

Saturday 24th April 2010

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(i) The Milking Process, 2009 (test tubes, fertiliser, thread from silage netting, milk bottle tops and milk)

(ii) Nettle Chair, 2009 (pressed nettle leaves stitched to chair)

(iii) A Helping Hand, 2009 (bathroom plug, spiders legs and toilet roll)