Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Artist Profile: Maud Goldberg


Maud Goldberg

Permanent working location:
Chester, University of Chester.

Working practice:
My practice is informed by the relationships between space, found objects/materials and body/mind. The research and development of this concept occurs through poetic and metaphorical manipulations and arrangements of materials and objects in space. These exploratory experiments can be site and non-site specific sculptures or installations which combine issues of liminality and entropy situated in a formal and minimalist context. The aesthetics of my work reflect an honest and raw making process, during which unprecedented events will often determine final realisations, demonstrating the importance of an impulsive and automatic working system.

Subsequently, my work is not derived from a particular idea but is instead born from continuous observation of and reflection upon all its elements as it evolves, responding progressively to the space within which it is created.

Mill24 Exhibition:

On that basis, my proposal for the Mill24 exhibition will present the back bone of the work I intend to put together while some aesthetic and formal details may change during the making process. The Mill’s architecture, visual aspect (form, matter and light), will inform the work in as much as it will direct formal and aesthetic considerations and decisions to enable the driving concept of the work to be materialised.

The installation will propose a vision upon the entwined systematic relation between life and death. The materials used to express this relationship will be simple, raw, and contrasting in matter, form and colour (such as, builder’s buckets, fabric, paint and dentistry plaster).

The sense of flux, continuum of life and its inevitable still counterpart, death, are reminders of the liminal state, the threshold point in which one finds oneself during each breathing, living moment. This paradoxical metaphysical state of being will be conveyed through the placement of the installation upon a section of the 5 storey Mill staircase; Stairs, a transient space, will require the viewer to, out of habit, stop and stand still in a transient place, to observe and reflect upon the sudden effect of stillness applied upon an otherwise place of passage.

Mill24 exhibition Date:

Saturday 24th April 2010

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