Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Artist Profile: Giles Ripley

Giles Ripley

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General Working Practice:
“Giles Ripley is a cunning young artist-filmmaker making short, potent films satirizing aspects of human motivation and a growing trend for neurosis about achievement and self-actualizing. His films are funny, disarming and immediately likeable but also connect us to deeper and more uncomfortable emotions – fear of looking stupid and fear of wasting our life by not living up to potential. Ripley has been curated into international exhibitions, picked up by a number of savvy collectors and included in the likes of Kay Saatchi’s top picks.”

Mill24 Exhibition:
An unlikely take on a motivational seminar, “I’M A WINNER!!!! (Why aren’t you?)” follows its creator Giles Ripley’s journey on the road to success, delivering his simple secrets to a better life. Comprised of three video chapters, each lasting approximately three minutes, this quick fix formula offers an alternative to average, a chance to make a change and the key to creating amazing in your life.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:
Saturday 24th April 2010


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Curriculum Vitae:
I’M A WINNER!!!! (Why aren’t you?), City Inn Westminster, London, 2010
Evolution Festival ’09, Leeds Metropolitan Gallery, May 2009
Far From The Madding Crowd, Road Agent Gallery, Dallas, TX, May 2009
New Contemporaries 2008, A Foundation, Liverpool Biennial, September 2008