Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Artist Profile: Sam Gieben


Sam Gieben

Permanent working location:


General Working Practice:

My work is just like a record of things I've seen or heard or thought, usually right then or the night before, last week or whenever. Sometimes its super weird or funny or serious or just however I'm feeling. My process is basically I draw wherever and make millions of drawings and keep them in a big mess around me and they start to change and merge and develop that way. Or if its not a drawing, its just like, what is the idea, and how do we make it happen? What do we have to learn/make/steal?

Mill24 Exhibition:

I'm working with a good friend of mine, and we will be building a den, or maybe a few dens, in and/or around the space. They will be for everyone and people can do what they like inside. They will be an escape from the rest of the show, while being a part of it; places to hide, play, rest, be alone, be with your friends, do what you like.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:
Saturday 29th May 2010



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Curriculum Vitae:

Winter Warriors @ Stadtbad, Berlin, Feb 2010

Eclections @ Theartmarket/Kunstfreund Gallery, Leeds, Nov 2008