Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Artist Profile: Robbie Porter


Robbie Porter

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General Working Practice:

My practice revolves primarily around drawing, yet my finished pieces can take on various forms. For me drawing enables the manipulation of a page or image in order to take creative control over ones reality, dreams or fantasies. It enables me to explore my imagination and create things that don't exist in the world around me. In this sense it is possible to become an inventor even if one possess' no technical or scientific skill. I find it far easier to understand my role as a visual scientist or a visual author than as a visual artist. My work isn't entirely coherent though, I have no overall theme I wish to explore or issues I am trying to raise or deal with. I simply enjoy having ideas. What I want to move towards in the future is a body of work that engages people for longer, that gives someone an experience. I want to explore how an image can be experienced or how a picture can take you on an adventure. I'm hoping to move towards a visual narrative that holds it's own story, not a comic or an animation but a journey which retrospectively will have a clear beginning middle and end.

Mill24 Exhibition:

I'm working with a good friend of mine, and we will be building a den, or maybe a few dens, in and/or around the space. They will be for everyone and people can do what they like inside. They will be an escape from the rest of the show, while being a part of it; places to hide, play, rest, be alone, be with your friends, do what you like.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:
Saturday 29th May 2010



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Curriculum Vitae:

"Reveal" - Edinburgh Printmakers – 2010
"Go Reborn" - Princess Street Mall - 2009
"Winter Exhibition" - Edinburgh Printmakers - 2009
"Print Factory" - Owl & Lion Gallery - 2009


1 - "the electrician's day off"

2 - "take a leaf out of his book"

3 - "weather man"

4 - "sense of perspective"

5 - "professor saturn"