Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Artist Profile: Steven Hutchinson

Steven Hutchinson

Permanent working location:
Bolton, Lancashire

General Working Practice:
As a film maker working primarily in narrative based work, I have produced a number of short films as a writer, director and editor. Throughout my work I have tasked myself with the frankly audacious practice of exploring the nuances of human nature, by trying to tease out the fine details which form our behaviour. As I have developed my work, I have found that to best represent an abstract and characteristically nonlinear thought process, a similar approach is required to represent this in an overtly visual medium such as film.

Mill24 exhibition:
My proposed piece will explore how we waste time (for good or bad), and how precious it is. It will explore the distractions of every day life, which themselves could be the very thing we live for.
The piece, titled 30 Minutes, will be a film featuring a working clock set against thirty varying locations and incidents. The clock will appear in front of the various scenes in succession, with each scene lasting precisely one minute. Each minute will act as a window into different worlds, offering a fractured glimpse into situations and locations; never seeing its start, nor seeing it play out to its conclusion.
Within the thirty scenes I intend to explore themes of pleasure and the mundane as the elements that shape and dominate our time in different forms, and manifest themselves in the distractions and experiences which ultimately fill or waste time.

Mill24 exhibition date:
Sarurday 29th Mar 2010


Contact email:

'Kassia' (Short Film, 2010)
2. 'Samuel Doesn't Live Here Anymore' (Short Film 2008)
'Six Chords' (Music Video, 2009)