Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Artist Profile: Valerie Pezeron

Valerie Pezeron

Permanent working location:
London, University of East London, The School of Architecture and the Visual Arts (AVA)

General working practice:
Throughout all my projects, be it as an an illustrator, motion graphics designer and art writer, my commitment is to art as the perfect agent for social change and political awareness. And not to be a bore but find ever newer ways to communicate. To that end, I have worked for the likes of New Humanist, Ctrl-Alt-Shift, Inside Out and Amelia’s magazines.
A distinction can be made between my commercial and personal work but the binding common touch is my striving to produce images that are visually arresting and innovative. If you are left unmoved, then I have not done my job well!
Strong concepts and distinctive mixed media digital collages are all manipulated to fit a given brief for clients in the advertising, editorial, publishing, broadcasting, cinema, fashion and music industries. Besides my freelance work, I am also the author of distinctive graphic novels- "Written by Men, Blame It On God" is to be published by The Rationalist Association before the end of the year.
Over the years an unexpected side to my work has emerged amidst all that daily tackling of youth culture iconography or delving the depths of dark and serious current affairs issues. I must confess that I enjoy drawing naughty sexy girls in funny, surreal and quirky situations.

Mill24 exhibition:
Relaxation corner with Pussy Galore. An intense bouquet of humour and feminity is about to take over an entire corner of the Mill 24. My aim is to create an oasis where visitors and artists alike will be able to sit down, relax and immerse themselves in a fantasy of eccentric vixens inhabiting an outlandish Rousseau-like décor where nothing quite fits... An entire wall will feature a painted mural with assorted hand made heavy cushions laid about.

Mill24 exhibition Date:
Saturday the 24th of April 2010


Contact Email:

Association of Illustrators Images 33- New Media Section
Association of Illustrators Images 32- Editorial Section
Association of Illustrators Images 31
Images is the Association of Illustrators Best of British Illustration book and exhibition produced on a yearly basis

Curriculum Vitae:
20 October to 6 November: Comica at the ICA, London
July 2009: Group Exhibition with AOI Images 33 New Media Section
July 2008: Group Exhibition with AOI Images 32 Editorial Section
July 2007: Group Exhibition with AOI Images 31
July 2006: Solo Exhibition at the Duke of York in Camberwell, London
June 2005: Group Exhibition at the Conningsby Gallery, London

Fear. Halloween Poster. Client: Penelope Illustration competition
Cityscape. Frame shot from animated music video. Client: Hush the Many
Bipolar Blues. Client: Inside Out magazine.
Ziad. Fashion Illustration for London Fashion Week 2010. Client: Amelia’s magazine