Friday, 16 April 2010

Artist Profile: Sam Long


Sam Long

Permanent Working Location:

Easyjet Generation

General Working Practice:


Mill24 Exhibition:

Felix & Edmund On average 150 Polo mints are eaten every second. In cricket the average fast bowl is 38m/s. All Ribena products contain at least 38% of the (average adult) recommended dietary intake of Vitamin C. A 750g helping of Baron's New Green Cucumbers would provide 24% of the recommended (average male) daily Calorie intake.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:

Saturday 24tBoldh April 2010


Curriculum Vitae:

Previous Shows as MOTHERLAND

7 x 14 , Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, May, 2009

Rich: 70%, Silberkuppe, Berlin, September, 2009

Rooms Without Walls: Silberkuppe at the Hayward Gallery Project Space, London, November 2009