Saturday, 10 April 2010

Emily Phillips


Emily Phillips

Permanent working location:

Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester

General Curatorial Practice:

I am interested in anthro-sociological questions concerned with art objects, spaces and humans. In how art galleries, exhibitions and encounters potentially open up certain kinds of exploration, reflection and meaning making. Such a slant turns any sort of curatorial experience inside out, or at least shifts the stakes. My own practise is concerned with thinking through how this impacts on my own practise.


‘24 hour Growing Pains’ will be the epilogue to an exhibition entitled ‘Attack of the 50ft Growing Pains’, exhibiting at Nexus Art cafĂ© during April and May 2010. The project stages the unfolding of an ongoing exchange between Hannah and Maz, artists who collaborate under the moniker Art Math. This exchange, begun initially as a merely visual dialogue, has developed into a broader exploration of how ideas, objects, practices and knowledge interact across different working contexts and relationships. The project looks at growth and transformation, and the very real pain that often accompanies this- how people, ideas and objects fall away or get left behind.

‘Growing Pains’ at the Mill will take place over 24 hours, being durational, site and situation specific. Drawing upon B movie culture, science fiction imagery, antique and vintage culture and the surreal, work will be created live in the space throughout this period in response to the exaggerated sense of time, space and experience that the Mill project affords. Alongside this, documentary materials from ‘Attack…!’ will be exhibited, tracing the growth and development of the project so far, and prompting reflections and distortions on the nature of the ‘opening night’ consumption- in effect the viewer will be witnessing the life cycle of an exhibition in one visit and will be witnessing a kind of live post script.