Saturday, 10 April 2010

Marielle Hehir and Hannah Mosley



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General Working Practice:

Artmath is an ongoing collaborative experiment between painter Marielle Hehir and illustrator Hannah Mosley. There is definite thematic overlap between Marielle and Hannah's work, but whilst Hannah comments more on the strange and intimate experience of the individual, Marielle's work is more directed towards commenting on the exterior aspects of society. Somewhat provoked by an admiration of each others practice, we are now interested in what happens when the two forces are combined.


“24 Hour Growing Pains” is a live painting that will evolve over 24 hours. The painting itself will grow from artefacts taken from the Artmath exhibition “Attack of the 50ft Growing Pains”, allowing the artists to revisit and create an alternate ending for the work. By showcasing documentation of an already bygone exhibition within the opening night context, Artmath intends to trick the viewer into consuming a whole 6-week exhibition, as well as witnessing the rebirth of a related, but individual piece of artwork.


Artmath -

Marielle Hehir

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Past Exhibitions:

Eclectism at the Triangle – October 2009

Attack of the 50ft Growing Pains at Nexus Art CafĂ© 16TH April 2010 – 30th May 2010

'When we were younger and better'