Saturday, 10 April 2010



Tasha Whittle / TXLW

Permanent working location:


General Practice:

Still learning and still evolving,but drawing through the subconscious my work is based in illustration.Characters are heavy based in my work, i draw what id like to see in the world.. funny looking critters that make me chortle.

I like to draw to music, so the outcome is un-predictable, using the beats and textures of the songs to create lines and patterns. Never one to keep to a certain medium or surface, art is open and inspiring.I am inspired by my surroundings, progression, peers, moments, being on my bike, sounds and tea.


A creatimation! Using the powers of animation, live art and creating it all together with the playfulness of transformation. Documenting the process of creating a peice of artwork through time lapse/stop frame animiation.. transforming a solid block of colour into something readable, an image.

This working experiment is created specifically for Mill24.

Exhibition Date:

Saturday 29th May 2010



Past Exhibitions:

Focus : Solo Show : Odder Bar, Manchester 2009

Spring : Group Show : The Art of Tea, Manchester 2009

An Introduction : Solo Show: Bis Auf Messer, Berlin 2010

Future Exhibitions:

Note To Self : Solo Show : Chinese Arts Center, Manchester 2010

TBA New Manchester : Group Show : Islington Mill, Manchester 2010

Rubbish Art : Group Show : Centro, Manchester 2010