Saturday, 10 April 2010

Seekers of Lice


seekers of lice

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general practice:

seekers of lice proposes art as an insect bite, infecting the blood through proximity, anecdote, annexation, colonisation, infection, inoculation: scratch the itch & itch the scratch.

seekers of lice
creates material interventions, sometimes of an ephemeral nature, which find gaps and spaces in which to operate. Its practice is concerned with objects and text.

Works range from interventions in public places, participation in curated projects and exhibitions in galleries to book publishing and multiples.


Invent the Present (part II)

This is a collaged performance piece, the lecture as art work. It includes words by artists and poets cut into writings by seekers of lice, with a simultaneous slide show of images. The images form a separate discourse which at times overlaps with the speech.

The mode of the lecture moves between manifesto, quotation, description, declamation, question and statement. Its subjects include the positioning of the artist and the artwork in society, and the relationship of art and artists to institutional structures.The lecture will be accompanied by a "programme", a short pamphlet produced for Mill24.

Invent the present was given as a lecture in February 2010 at Chelsea College of Art. Part II is a development and recasting of that lecture. The lecture is an ongoing dialogue between seekers of lice's art and writing and other art and artists' and poets' words.

Exhibition Date:
Saturday 29th May 2010


seekers of lice East End 359º installed November 16th 2007
an installation of 359 text objects

2008 210 postcards on Thames foreshore left to the tide

foreshore : precarious to Rapunzel 2008
2 tides later

4. every//same//is//and//the//now//here
7 boxes with text and objects

study wall 28.05.09 09:40