Saturday, 10 April 2010

Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher

Permanent working location:
Islington Mill, Salford

General Practice:
a continuous process of experimentation and enquiry focused around investigatory or instinctive responses to sounds, objects, words and images. The work explores amplification of surfaces, textures and objects, combining found materials and reappropriating found objects and technologies for use as instruments or noise-makers. The process includes, sound recording, collecting, archiving, drawing, construction, photography, and text. It generates many outcomes including live performance, sound installation, CD or tape recordings, graphic scores. Sometimes the line between research and outcome is not clear and often they are the same. Objects, images, sound recordings and live performances may be seen as individual pieces in their own right as well as parts of a bigger 'work in progress' that is the process itself.

Produce a series of 24 different tracks using sounds sourced or recorded from around the Mill during those 24hours - with 1 hour to record and produce each track. The tracks may vary in length and form from field recordings to ambient compositions to pure noise. Each new track will be published online every hour into a blog set up especially for this purpose, also notes and pictures relating to the track may be posted. After the event the 24 tracks will be released in the same order online as a free download album.

Past Exhibitions:
2009 - 'Krumm', Outlet, Manchester.
2008 - 'Openended', Bristol.

Future Exhibitions:
April 2 - 23 2010 'Lost Language', Kraak Gallery, Manchester.