Saturday, 10 April 2010

John Leyland and Annette Cookson


John Leyland & Annette Cookson


Manchester, North West

General Working Practice:

Annette Cookson is a social and emotional commentator, a true Mancunian performer whose wide experiences of life inform her art. Her poetry is free, her voice strong; always searching to convey the humanity in society. John Leyland is a poetic magic realist. His work often explores the communal nature of personal relationships. He transports the audience to an honest, creative truth, observing with significance the importance of detail.


HOW TO BE ART - The Secret to finding an affordable masterpiece. You won't know it until someone tells you. Identity is fragmented. Subjectivity is always fluid. Movement is poetic. John Leyland & Annette Cookson present a playful, grotesque, seditious production; the next level of poetry performance.

Who the fuck is Alan Yentob?

Exhibition Date:

Saturday 29th May 2010


Past Exhibitions:

Crow of Murders Contact Theatre, Manchester 2008 - queer community poetry installation Neck of the Woods Curated by Blank Media Collective, Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester Feb 2010 - commissioned response to works on show, exploring the dichotomy of art and social realism within the notions of space and community through poetic voice, performance and movement.