Saturday, 10 April 2010

Fivethreefive Project


Fivethreefive Project


Manchester, North West

General Working Practice:

Fivethreefive Project are an experimental theatre company interested in producing performances which not only present a state of being, but actively immerse audiences in the creation of experience. We play with varying forms and universal concepts, to create atmospheric, innovative pieces, which are intellectually engaging and emotionally stimulating. Much of Fivethreefive Project’s work relates back to the human condition - what it is to feel under pressure; to be a member of a community; to be nostalgic.

Company members:

Jennifer Gaskell, Daniel Gunson, Louisa Leggett, Erica Mileham, Amy Ward & Eleanor Whitfield


Inspired by Islington Mill’s transition from industrial workplace to artistic platform, Fivethreefive Project will again transform the space into another space; the notion of escapism; the desire and the process of creating something optimistic out of a dusty abandon. Picnic will be a performative presentation, infused with physical theatre, centred on the idea of creating something idyllic - the perfect picnic in the perfect setting. Through the course of the performance, the space will be temporarily transformed into a nostalgic gathering of strangers.

Exhibition Date:

Saturday 29th May 2010


Past Exhibitions:

The Chatter - curated by Blank Media Collective as part of Neck of the Woods, Nexus Art CafĂ©, Manchester. February – April 2010

Vertigo - Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster

Of All These Memories – Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster