Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Artist Profile: Laura Lowe

Laura Lowe

Manchester / Manchester Metropolitan University

General Working Practice:
I am currently in the process of developing my work into a field of psychological experiences concerning the effects of colour and light on the human mind, in which vision and focal points become lost and the potential of transcendence experiences can occur. A series of works in which perception is the object in matter.

Mill24 Exhibition:
I plan to experiment in an area i have been developing for some time. This will consist of a number of lights with various coloured filters, over the course of the hour I will try to alter the atmosphere and environment with the use of these colours, combining and contrasting the colours to see the effects of flooding vibrant colours within an occupied space with the hope of affecting mood and vision.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:
saturday 29th May 2010

Contact Email:

Curriculum Vitae:
Free For Arts Festival / Collective Vision at Noise Lab