Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Artist Profile: Helen Abbott


Helen Abbott


Manchester School Of Art – Interactive Arts

General Working Practice:

My work is based on every day life, the focus is around people; I am interested in surveillance and peoples reactions to the world around us.

Mill24 Exhibition:

We all leave traces of ourselves, be it something physical or just memories. I plan to track the flow of people during Mill24; while it is easy to see the movement of people as fast pace, constantly changing and new. I am looking closer, at the impressions we leave behind and making these traces more permanent to reflect the documentation of the passage of time within our lives, and the impact we all have upon our surroundings.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:

Saturday 29th May 2010

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Curriculum Vitae:

Free For Arts Festival 2010 John Rylands Library exhibition

Action Cover Party. Performance of Bruce Nauman’s “Violent Incident” with Adriano Digaudio