Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Artist Profile: Bill Aitchison

Bill Aitchison

General Working Practice:
My curatorial practice has grown recently out of my artistic practice which in turn is referenced within my academic writing (Practice led PhD, Uni. of London 2007). Originally derived from considering the framework in which my performances are created, I have more recently brought this framework explicitly within some works and also used it to shape curated events such as the recent day of talks 'Views From The Grassy Knoll' that framed the lecture performance 2012 that I will present at Mill24.

Mill24 Exhibition:
I plan to respond to the theme of lecture by presenting the lecture performance of mine '2012'. This lecture covers subjects connected of conspiracy theories and places these within an artistic and political framework. Researched and created in London and Beijing, it adopts an open-ended structure that places the diverse materials cited in dialogue and collision.

Mill24 Exhibition Dat:
Saturday 29th May 2010



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Curriculum Vitae:

Views From The Grassy Knoll (curated) The Bluecoat, Liverpool 2010
Open Performance Art Festival (presented) 798 Art Zone Beijing 2009
Artist's Performance Series (presented) Wallspace Gallery London 2009
IIFUT Tehran 2010 Caravan Showcase Brighton 2010 Lights On/Off Mannheim 2010

Image: 2012 lecture performance at Wunder Der Praerie Festival Mannheim 2008