Thursday, 20 May 2010

Artist Profile: Matt Jackson


Matt Jackson

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General Working Practice:

Matt Jackson builds interactive audio and video hardware and software. He uses MaxMSP, Arduino, Processing
and Flash to produce his work, which can take many forms. From live performance software and useful apps to
wireless midi controllers and large installations, Matt’s work always has a strong focus on play. Working with the
University of Wales, Bristol festival, Arnolfini, and Switch Dialogue, amongst others, Matt regularly runs workshops on the software he uses and showcases his own and local artists' work at local events.

Mill24 Exhibition:

Spirus is a large projection of a sound emitting double helix, which can be manipulated using four rotating controllers. The controllers change various aspects of the projection such as the shape, colour, speed and viewing angle.

The idea behind Spirus is to submerge the user into an audio and visual feedback loop, whereby both user input and output are intrinsically interconnected. The result is very addictive. The controls are not labelled, so much of the user experience is an exploration of the interface and how this affects the audio and the video.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:

Saturday 29th May 2010


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Curriculum Vitae:

Curator of the A/V installations area at Bristol Festival '09 & '10.
Exhibited interactive work at the Arnolfini in Bristol as part of unCraftivism. -
Exhibiting work at Simplexity Applied @Centerspace Gallery, Bristol. -