Thursday, 20 May 2010

Artist Profile: Louise Woodcock


Louise Woodcock

Permanent Working Location:

Islington Mill Studios, Manchester.

General Working Practice:

My work deals with fear and horror and how these are physiologically associated with the body, especially the female body. My work investigates the role of the Bible, specifically The Old Testament, and its impact on our collective cultural, moral and psychological make-up. My work raises questions about femininity and masculinity, beauty and disgust, the synthetic and the organic, through an ongoing process of inquiry. My conceptual concerns are inspired greatly by the work of psychologist and linguist, Julia Kristeva, and her theory of 'the abject' contained in her book: Powers of Horror. I mainly work in Live Art and make installations using found and made objects, sound and light. My practice is experimental and crosses many disciplines.

Mill24 Exhibition:

I intend to crochet myself into an object made mainly out of red acrylic live over the course of the exhibition. The piece will have biomorphic/organic/mutational elements and will cover my whole body by the end of the exhibition. The form will change according to my mood and my situation. I will sometimes walk around the other parts of the exhibition which will inform how my piece takes shape. If I am tense the stitches become narrower, if I’m relaxed they tend to be looser. The shape of the overall piece is improvised and spontaneous. It is a long process so each part of the object will vary as my intention about the piece changes with time and space (the external) and with my psychological state (the internal). There will be an element of fear for me as the artist as the form may make it difficult for me to move, causing me to feel trapped or claustrophobic.

Mill24 Exhibition Date:

Saturday 29th May 2010

Website: (with specific reference to the Lost Language exhibition and Late Night Live Art at Kraak series)

Contact Email:

Curiculum Vitae:

4-5/2010: Lost Language, Kraak gallery, Manchester (Curator and exhibitor)

10-12/2009: Late Night Live Art at Kraak (series of events) Kraak gallery, Manchester(Curator, Live performer and exhibitor)

07/2009 Around this house (a happening by composer Matthew Lee Knowles) Shorditch Library, London (Live performer)

05/2010: Unsung, poetry festival at the Contact Theatre Manchester (exhibitor)

07/2010: a collaborative work with international Live Artist Yingmei Duan (Live Artist)


live performance, untitled 12/2009. Description: artist eating words from books, with books, projection screen, dining objects, light.

live performance, untitled 12/2009. Description: artist eating words from books, with books, projection screen, dining objects, light.

Installation view at Late Night Live Art at Kraak, 12/2009 title: Part, 02/2009. Description: Installation including large crochet acrylic object, meat hook, chain, sound from tape recorder.

Installation view degree show, University of Salford Visual Arts BA, 06/2009, untitled installation (vanitas). Description: cast wax objects, dressing table, TV screen with static for light and sound (quiet), extreme darkness with black satin curtains covering room.