Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Artist Profile: Katie Hare


Katie Hare

Permanent Working Location:

London, UK

General Working Practice:

I work mainly in video and am currently preoccupied with slasher movies, girls, and the construction of genre.

Mill24 Exhibition:

For Mill24 I will be presenting an interactive installation in which participants will read monologues from the Saw films to camera in a temporary bedroom-like space. With the context and other trappings of the horror genre stripped away, what remains?

Mill24 Exhibition Date, Mill Location & Time:

Saturday 24th April 2010 | Gallery | 23:00-00:00


Contact email:

Curriculem Vitae:

Chateau D'if (Group Show), Shoreditch Town Hall, London, November 2009

Portal (Group Show), Jeff Coombs Projects, Manchester, October 2009

Art Schmart (Group Show), Swanfield Yard, London, September 2009

Central St Martins Degree Show, London, June 2010

Still from Gone (Girls)
Video, 2010

Still from Saw Girls
Video, 2009

Still from Horror Film About Nothing 2
Video, 2009