Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Artist Profile: Liam Wright-Higgins and Billy Anderson Barnes


Liam Wright-Higgins and Billy Anderson Barnes

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The society which offers the complete opportunity for controlling and observation in regard to from Michelle and is refined you discuss. This explains the reference to freedom and the right. In regard to Michelle thought today' You suppose; Existence, that as for the society of s whose all citizens who have been based are free can give the appointment which is the state in qualification of demand for order: As for this ideology technology of the control which he describes in the 18th century you were brought up. It does not face the political ideal of the type in regard to Michelle: He in order to understand without mechanism without being that possibility of those loses simply in order to control, does not inspect the citizen whom you discuss. This inspection spreads in society. Because classify those, as for that you see exactly as an individual and an attempt, it is similar, but because the pupil, the worker, the patient and the prisoner it is inspected, as for the school, as for the factory, the hospital and the jail it is similar mutually, those "It makes that because it agrees; norm" . Social that it changes to ranking makes the fact that the present citizen thing life, transfers these equipment plural large numbers at least clearly.

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Saturday 24th April 2010

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